The 20 Other Rules of Fight Club


  1. Please don’t talk about Fight club.
  2. Don’t punch too hard. Ouch!
  3. Maybe we could talk it out instead? I mean this violence sounds pretty extreme
  4. If you die in Fight Club, then you’re dead.
  5. I’m hungry can we please stop
  6. No slaps. That’s rude.
  7. But seriously. Don’t tell people about fight club.
  8. Really though the guy that runs this thing talks to himself I wouldn’t fuck with him
  9. You’re not a part of fight club.
  10. Hey. You’re sort of familiar.
  11. What do we do together again?
  12. Who are you?
  13. What the hell is fight club?
  14. Oh no I think I got Tyler mad
  15. Why are all these people hitting me
  16. ow
  17. ouch
  18. help I’m bleeding