New Shows, New Collaborations in Early 2013

Hope all is well with you. Recently I’ve been getting involved with a lot of new Improv projects, so here’s what’s going on with that:

  • My new troupe partner and wonderful improvisor, Brian Perry, will soon be joining me on various stages as a new Improv Duo. Brian Perry is an excellent improvisor who’s studied at Improv Boston who I met recently at iO Improv (Formerly Improv Olympic) Theatre. More details soon regarding times and places for our shows coming soon! It’s going to be wonderful, I assure you.
  • I’m starting a new 6-person improv troupe that’s currently on the way towards solidifying membership! Coached by the wonderful John Abbott, joining me (so far!) will be Chris Shurland, Jen Coop, and Madison Swart. They’re all very wonderful, creative people who I very much look forward to working with.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, the Spring season of “The Improv Series” is kicking off! I’ll be appearing on stage in March with a new troupe: “That’s Not So Raven” coached by Miriam Tenner.

I also just got cast in two short film projects to be directed by Josh Sibley and Niki Layton. More on those goodies soon…

Lastly, I’d like to turn your attention to Default Gallery. John Dowds and Colleen Tucker are both Chicago artists who recently launched the website for an excellent Art Gallery open to submissions of all kinds of art including film and performance. I did some camera work for their promo video, directed by Ethan Levinskas. Please check out their site right here, and like them here on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you all during shows and future collaborations.

Much Love,

Devin Sanclemente